AWE: Afro Wisdom Empowerment

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The Mission of AWE

The Mission of Afro Wisdom Empowerment is to promote the heritage, history and tradition of communities through elders within tribal settings.

The Vision of AWE

A society that does not value Elders is a society without a future.

The Objectives of AWE

The Objectives of AWE: Afro Wisdom Empowerment are as follows:

  1. To provide a community which will enable elders to be visited and be valued.
  2. To collect oral histories from elders in tribal rural African communities.
  3. To build a repository of materials that provides a historical context for rural tribal elders in African communities. (Can be housed in a museum of artifacts.)
  4. To develop a safe haven for elders to network with each other.
  5. To provide basic information to elders about healthy aging and the aging process.
  6. To provide oversight for cultural exchange and commerce related to tribal heritage such as the ACTE program.
  7. To value the voice, leadership, traditions and experiences of African elders.
  8. To close the generation gap and facilitate the coexistence between elders and youth.